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Blackberry Farm: Allison’s 40th Birthday Celebration!

Oct 2, 2016

One of my best friends, Allison, recently celebrated her 40th birthday at the blissfully relaxing Blackberry Farm and invited her closest friends to join her, her mom and sister. Blackberry Farm is a luxury hotel in the Smoky Mountain Foothills, and we were in for SUCH a treat, celebrating our dear Allison!

We were welcomed with a delicious Saison in the main lodge, and proceeded to take a tour around the immense, lush property.

The pigs had recently had piglets, which were such a delight to see!

There are SO many little secluded spots throughout the property that it made it feel like we had the place to ourselves! Rocking chairs everywhere; little bits of heaven!

Many of us stayed in the little cottages dotting around the resort; others stayed in the main lodge. It was fun to see all the various options. And of course we checked out the pool right away, enjoying some more beverages and wishing it was just a touch warmer so we could fully enjoy it.

I stayed in a gorgeous, private cottage right on the edge of a forest, with my friend Abbey! You can see the cottage below right, next to our friend Ed, playing chauffeur most of the weekend in one of the many golf carts available to guests!

Dinner the first night was incredible! The food and wine program at Blackberry Farm is beyond words; if you’re interested, please check more about it here!

We celebrated Allison’s birthday every night we were there, which was so fun and well deserved for her 40 wonderful years!

Ed arranged for a bonfire to be roaring right after dinner, complete with a s’more kit – such a treat! I love a good bonfire with friends 🙂

Did I mention how gorgeous this place is? A little slice of heaven!

A few of us went horseback riding throughout the foothills one day, which was a highlight for me. I love horses and it was fun to explore the property this way. I actually had a migraine getting onto my beautiful sweet horse that morning, and worried because I didn’t have my medication. After some time in the pristine fresh air, however, surrounded by nature, it soon went away!

One afternoon we were treated to a tour by the incredibly knowledgable and kind Jim Sanford, who runs the Lagotto Romagnolo breeding program at Blackberry Farm. These adorable puppies are also known as Truffle Dogs, originating in northern Italy! We all wanted to take one home with us…

Of course our weekend wouldn’t have been complete without some appointments at the spa – Wellhouse. Massages and aromatherapy, followed by a dip in the pool were just what the birthday girl ordered!

Another bonfire night makes for some happy friends!

Every aspect of this place was designed so thoughtfully. I felt so cozy, I never wanted to leave!

We did a farm tour one afternoon, visiting all the animals and gardens. Such a treat!

The pretty birthday girl!

It was so special that Allison’s mom spent the weekend with us! I just love her, she’s so sweet!

“Hey Allison, how do you feel about turning 40?” —

I love these 3 ladies! (and the amount of breakfast beverages for 1!)

I’ll just be here swinging if you need me…

Such fun friends! I love that we all came together to celebrate Allison!

Our final night at Blackberry Farm was so special! It was Allison’s actual birthday and we all made sure to take a photo with her 🙂

Lots of toasts, special words, and hugs!

And then Lisa surprised us with Korean face masks! Such fun!

Final gluttonous breakfast before leaving…

Blackberry Farm… I miss you already!

Allison, thank you for arranging such a special weekend getaway for us all! You are such a special person and I hope you felt loved and appreciated all weekend! Happy 40th Birthday! We love you!!

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