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Hi!  Thanks for visiting my blog, where I post about recent photography shoots, my travels, and things I feel might be interesting to you!  Comments are appreciated!  Happy reading!


This month I decided to take you on a little plane journey with me, from the beaches of Florida to the mountains of Colorado, all from my airplane window! Taking off from Palm Beach International Airport, I spotted Trump’s plane (Air Force One) on the tarmac, which was pretty neat, politics aside.  It’s wise to […]

There’s nothing like being near the water:  breathing in the salty sea air and listening to the roar of the ocean waves.  This month I spent a long weekend in the Hamptons with friends, which was a perfect way to start the year.  My head always feels clearer after being by the ocean and escaping […]

I moved to NYC less than 2 years after September 11th, 2001, but that fateful day, like most Americans, I felt like a New Yorker.  I had visited multiple times before 2001, and remember standing on the observation deck of one of the twin towers as a teenager, looking down at the city I knew […]

This month I spent my 30 minutes in the butterfly exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.  It truly is a magical thing when butterflies of all colors flutter all around you, some landing on your hand, your head, or even on your iPhone!  I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time I […]

This month has been so crazy here in New York.  We’ve had the strangest highs and lows in weather, including a snowstorm right in the middle of the month!  I chose to do my 30 minutes downtown on a freakishly warm day (67 degrees F!) wandering downtown with a friend visiting from Calgary, snapping photos […]

The last few months of 2016 were so hectic for me.  I felt like I was constantly trying to do everything all at once and it made me crave starting a new year fresh.  But of course my “to do list” followed me into 2017, along with work travel and commitments with friends, photo sessions of babies […]

This month has been super busy with photo sessions all over Manhattan, and some in New Jersey as well!  One evening I met up with friends in Jersey City after shooting all day.  I haven’t been to J.C. in quite a while, and was pleasantly surprised to find all this amazing mural work around the […]

One of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC is called DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  In Brooklyn, it includes the wedge between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, and offers spectacular views of the city!  After a recent family photo shoot in this area, I used my camera to snap some street photos on […]

It has not struck me as unusual that all 3 of my summer “30 minutes” posts have taken place on or in the water.  I grew up swimming every day and absolutely adore being on or near the water, especially when the weather is nice! August finds me visiting my parents at their summer house […]

It’s been a HOT summer this year, and I’ve been so thankful for every chance I get to go swimming! I’ve been playing around with my underwater camera; it’s been such fun taking photos in the pool, and I’m so lucky to have the perfect little muse for my swimming photos.  Enjoy! Psst!  Now that you’ve […]