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Sailing Portraits: Lifestyle Boating Photos in Suttons Bay | Lake Michigan

Jun 15, 2020

Did you know I am a certified sailor? I fell in love with sailing as a kid at summer camp, hopping on a boat at any opportunity for years, and finally did a course and got certified right in NYC, on the Hudson!

Sailing is thrilling and peaceful at the same time. Recently I’ve added a new direction in my photography, taking on client lifestyle portrait sessions on their boats!!

Psst! If YOU have a boat – or even rent one occasionally! – let me know if you’re interested in booking me to take some nautical portraits of you and your loved ones soon! You can find out more information here. (Be warned – I LOVE nautical puns!)
I can’t wait to set sail with you!

I had the pleasure of joining Patrick and Cheryl on their gorgeous 25′ sailboat on Lake Michigan last week for a late afternoon sail.

Patrick and Cheryl have been sailing for decades, spending most of their free time on their beloved boat in Suttons Bay, Michigan. It comes naturally to them and I loved watching the two of them working together to bring the boat off the dock and into the bay, ready to sail!

We had gorgeous weather for our outing! The crisp northern Michigan summer weather was absolutely perfect. That shocking blue water always makes me smile 🙂

These two are a terrific team!

I brought my drone out with me, and decided to try flying it from the boat in the middle of the bay! The view from high above us looking down looks incredibly serene and peaceful. You’d never know from this calm photo that I was in a slight panic below, as I forgot my drone has an obstacle avoidance feature that wouldn’t allow me to land it back on our boat!
I luckily managed to divert it around the sails and miraculously land the drone on top of the sun shield (insane, right?!). Lesson learned! I will now only fly my drone from the safety of a dock/shore.

Cheryl told me that she couldn’t remember the last time she and her husband had photos taken of them. I was so happy to be able to photograph them together, doing an activity they both love!

Patrick and Cheryl have been together over 30 years, and I loved how comfortable and playful they were with each other in front of my camera.

I spent most of our time sailing laughing with the two of them – they had great stories to share and were so fun to be around!

There are so many activities that we feel define who we are as individuals and families, yet when most clients hire me to photograph them, we end up taking photos in a park or on the beach (which don’t get me wrong – I LOOVE). I really am excited to capture my nautical clients in action on their boats in their element, doing what they love!

Safely back in the harbor, we finished off our time together with a few more portraits on their beautiful boat.

What a lovely couple! Cheryl and Patrick, thank you so much for having me out for a sail and photo session! I had the best time!!

I can naut wait to join you again sometime soon!

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