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There’s nothing more important than family! I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during this surreal time. It feels like the world has turned upside down, doesn’t it? During this time of self distancing, I’m hearing about so many families finding more time for connection and joy, spending time together in ways […]

The other day I was at the Ritz Carlton Beach Club at Lido Key with some friends and we realized that a couple had just gotten married up the beach with some friends! It seemed super casual, and I sadly did not notice a photographer! I had my camera with me, so I popped over […]

Winter in Florida… supposed to be warm, mild weather, right? The morning of the Louis Family’s portraits was in the low 50s and a bit windy! That’s SUPER cold for Floridians… but this family was amazing!! They traipsed around the University of Tampa campus with me downtown for an hour without coats (well, lucky Sal […]

I’ve been photographing the Brown Family for years, and let me tell you.. this family is FUN! Amelia and Lucas have so much energy, and a million looks for my camera. Their awesome mom, Desiree, really wanted to get some 3 year old portraits of Amelia, and figured I could take some cute ones of […]

Studio photography isn’t my usual style, but a few times a year I enjoy offering mini studio portraits for clients. This year I was lucky to photograph some pretty adorable kids, and pups as well! What they say is true… it’s SO much easier photographing kids than animals, but I love a challenge, and these […]

I just love the Clark Family – longtime friends and clients, with the most adorable and fun little girls! For their fall portraits this year, we met on quaint little Davis Island, where the trees were blooming and it almost looked like spring! Georgia, as always, was full of expressions for my camera, and some […]

One of my favorite aspects of being back in Florida is living so close to the beach! Being near the water has always made me so happy, and I love being able to photograph families at the many gorgeous beaches the Florida Suncoast has to offer! This gorgeous and kind family was staying at the […]

I absolutely love that the “kids” from the Dubee Family got together and hired me to photograph them along with their parents. So much of my business is photographing young families, but I KNOW there are even more families who haven’t gotten together for professional portraits in years! Their Olan Mills framed portraits from when […]

In this ever increasing visual world, we have a need for a great headshot portrait now more than ever. For use on social media, LinkedIn, your employer’s website or your very own website, a terrific portrait that shows your personality and professionalism combined should be a must on your to do list. I recently offered […]

Do you feel like time is flying by at rapid speed as well? It’s been 6 months since I photographed the Clark Family and yet it feels like just yesterday I was capturing these cuties’ smiles. This time we met across the river on the University of Tampa campus. Elsie is almost 1 year old […]