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Don’t Let Your Memories Fade Away

Apr 20, 2020

I’m sure you, like most others, have boxes of loose photos, albums filled with old memories, or even heirlooms passed down from your parents and grandparents.  If you’ve wondered what in the world you should do with all of these family treasures, I’d love to offer my expertise! I offer digital scanning services in addition to my portrait work!

I’ve been working with a number of clients in this little side business over the last year or so! It allows me to combine my passion for photography and serving clients into a perfect project to take off your busy hands!

My detail obsessed, patient and organized brain LOVES the process of archiving clients’ precious old family photos and creating digital libraries for them and their families to enjoy!

Colleen organized and scanned my family’s albums with such care, and created an incredible digital archive!  My children and I are thrilled!”  — Ellen P.

Every client I’ve worked with tells me that organizing and digitizing their old family photos has been on their to do list for ages… but due to the time consuming and often overwhelming process, it keeps getting put on the back burner.

I’ll send your carefully scanned, color-corrected happy memories safely back to you in an organized, digital format, making it easy for you to share with family and friends.  Preserving family memories always makes me so happy! Whether it’s photographing your family today, or creating a digital archive of your beloved family’s history!

WOW!!  I’ve seen so many old memories come to life again after collecting dust for decades.  Thank you, Colleen!” — Mary M.


– Let’s hop on a phone call to discuss your goals in archiving your photo library!

– I’m happy to come to your home to assess the scope of the project and give an estimate on the time involved.

– I can either bring my scanner and laptop set up to your home and work on the project there, keeping all the photos in their original locations OR I can safely transport your photos to my home office and complete the project there, delivering your photo library back to your home once it is completed.

– I professionally scan each photograph in high resolution individually and save them as jpeg files.

– All of your scanned images will be delivered on a USB flash drive and I will happily (and patiently!) show you how to access them and save them securely in your dropbox account or other file storage, as well as share with your family and friends.

– If you would like me to make certain edits on some of your photos — (changing the white balance on yellowed photographs, restoring ripped/torn photographs, etc) — I can provide my editing services for an additional fee.

Ready to see your old family images come to life again? Email or call me today!

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